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Licensed Massage Therapist (PDMT, FMS), Reiki Master, Nutrition Response Practitioner

Simply put... I'm an intuitive, imperfect, introverted, big loving being with a whole lot of human experience to share. Just like you I navigate through many facets of life, business ownership, chronic illness, step mom-ing, wife-ing, inadequacies, self exploration, failures, triumphs, and the list goes on. However, I've always perceived my experiences as a way to become more aware, improve, and embrace my core truth.

Whether it's through the challenging hardships we encounter or the highest joys living offers,

they're all opportunities to become one with our authentic self.

I don't consider myself a writer, blogger, wordsmith, or anything of the sort. In fact, if you're to follow me, you'll likely witness a lot grammatical, editorial errors, and definite punctuation errors; however, my life's work and recent events have led me to share through this platform with the intent to continue my healing and to empower others to claim their own journey with way less judgement, guilt, and shame.

My experiences as a Holistic Practitioner over the past 20 years combined with my personal experiences and lifetime of mediumship provide a unique perspective on topics ranging from infertility, nutrition, marriage, spirituality, body image, vulnerability, healing, radical self love, and so much more.

So, if you're inspired to follow my journey, then wonderful. Thank you for giving ears to this process.

If you're not interested, blessings to you.


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