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Yep... you! You, too, can do hard things!!!

Up to a year ago I (selectively) believed this to be true about myself. When it came to work commitments, family sacrifices, short term goals... I could face these seemingly difficult and/or uncomfortable challenges, seeing them as a temporary compromise. No biggie! Right?!

Then my health, year after year became more compromising, more difficult to hide, and more burdensome to bear, effecting the discipline I once displayed. Symptoms continued to compound. Then... 💥BAM... like a perfect storm, I was faced with a new reality, new choices, a very unexpected “hard”.

Yet, this journey has opened my eyes to a level of discipline I never knew existed within me. This discipline, for the first time, stems from a deeper level of self compassion, worth, and love.

It’s been 13 months WITHOUT 🍷alcohol (of any kind, including alcohol based supplements &/or food), 7 months FREE OF dairy 🧈🍦🧀🥛, eggs 🍳 , gluten 🥖, carbonated drinks, all animal protein 🐠🐷, corn 🌽, soy, all industrial food oils (vegetable, palm, canola, corn, safflower, soybean oils...), vinegar (including ACV), fermented foods (including kombucha, sauerkraut, coconut aminos...), CAFFEINE (coffee🧋chocolate 🍫matcha...), grains (excluding minimal oats), natural/artificial flavors, nutritional yeast, citric acid, aspartame, other artificial sweeteners, monosodium glutamate, formaldehyde, preservatives.

To heal my neurological symptoms, I eat very low fat (1 avocado 🥑 per day). and large volumes of fresh (majority) raw fruits and vegetables. Lots of steamed 🥔potatoes. I typically do not use any oils for my cooked meals, but, on occasion may swap out my avocado for using some coconut/avocado oil in my dish, or maybe a little nut butter with an apple/celery. 😋 Salads are typically undressed, unless squeezed with a fresh lemon/lime/orange. And even seasonings and salt are a bare minimum of use for me these days.

I’ve gone months without ANY (healthy) fats, seasonings, and salt to support my bodies elimination of toxic heavy metals and viral/bacterial byproduct.

Just a year ago I didn’t even believe this to be possible for me. I didn’t feel I could “live without” my coffee, ice cream, and

salad dressings! Just as most, I established addictive relationships with foods/alcohol. If I had a bad day I’d help myself to some French fries with a side of ranch for dinner and a blizzard for dessert. If the week was filled with stress and angst I’d indulge on several Margaritas with a side of chips and guacamole while out with my friends.

[Bad feelings YIELDED Fatty/Salty food choices; Good feelings (celebrations) YIELDED Fatty/Sugary food choices]

People say to me (ALL THE TIME!)...

“I couldn’t do what you’re doing.”

“I don’t know how you do it...?”

“I couldn’t live without my (chocolate/coffee...)!”

The absolute truth is... YOU CAN DO IT!!!

For me the consequences were greater than the desire. It became a matter of life or death. Yet, anyone can make this choice at any point in their journey. The rug doesn’t need to be swiped from beneath before choosing health and harmony.

Food Addiction is neurological, emotional, and a viral/bacterial feeding frenzy. You can absolutely go without, but be willing to renegotiate the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects that the food has served.

It’s not easy! But most things aren’t designed to be easy (i.e. childbirth, marriage, child rearing -ugh.. those teenage years! F&$k!!!😱...), yet they are beyond worth it. We are created to overcome mental adversity, physical challenges, emotional hardships, and so much more.

Along the way we’ve lost sight of our innate strength due to reinforced societal programming.

We unconsciously seek the quick, convenient opportunity, not giving much energy to the consequences that eventually follow. We strive for immediate gratification, pushing away nature’s design to nurture patience and persistence deep within our being, reinforcing self value and compassion. We push away anything that makes us the slightest bit “uncomfortable”. We have become so far removed from our emotions, fearing any real feelings, as if they were to swallow us whole if we gave them the slightest chance to breathe.

Yet, none of the above is real or true! It’s all an illusion that will keep you vulnerable to misinformation and propaganda.

If I can change a lifetime of programming and feeding life stealing viruses/bacteria, so can you!!! Take it one bite at a time. Literally! Eventually, you will go from craving and missing foods to NOT!... to feeling genuinely content, satiated, and satisfied with the foods you are eating.

If you’re struggling with symptoms and/or health conditions, and have had difficulty finding answers or long-term support, I encourage you to check out the Medical Medium: Secrets behind Chronic Mystery Illnesses and How to Finally Heal and the Medical Medium Cleanse to Heal books by Anthony William. These books mystically found there way to my door during my darkest hours. When I felt hopeless, deeply lost, and alone. I felt utterly misunderstood and unseen/heard by the medical community, family, and friends. These books gave me hope, reignited my faith in the human (godly) body, gave me answers!, and my power back. It’s deeply transformative. Though, my healing is not done, having this newfound connection, compassion and love for myself is worth the entire journey.

Thank you for listening and please share with anyone you may feel would benefit from this information. And know...

You are not alone. You are amazing and fully capable of healing. You’ve got this!!!

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